Your Daily Ritual

Strong in body,
Peace in mind

Haakon is a philosophy, a way of life, an embodiment of Scandinavian healthy living.

At Haakon, we understand that nourishing the body is as important as nourishing the mind and spirit.

Scandinavia, with its mountains and fjords, is the epitome of balance and tranquillity.

We know just how important it is to maintain a well-balanced diet that is in harmony with our body and the spiritual comfort that we need.

A wholesome atmosphere of fresh air, simple food, clean water and good living: Haakon is our effort to replicate, on a small scale, some of the uninhibited simplicity of healthy eating. 


Our Food

Our menu ranges from an enriching variety of superfood smoothies, freshly pressed juices, acai and pitaya superbowls to a delicious savoury line of smorrebrod sandwiches loaded with Norwegian smoked salmon and nutrient-rich avocado.

At Haakon:

– Our superior smoked salmon comes straight from the fjords of Norway.

– Our plant-based “almond mylk” provides a nice vegan option that can also satisfy the lactose-intolerant.

– Our smoothies, juices and bowls are designed to provide a healthy, sustained release of energy to keep you going through the day through “clean” nutrition: with no processed sugars that contribute to weight gain and energy crashing.


Your Daily Ritual.


We believe in serving great tasting, fabulous life enhancing food & beverages that are good for you. All our food is thoughtfully sourced. This means that everything we serve will be as fresh as we can get them, as clean and nutritious as possible.

Everything we serve, we are confident will be good for you. This means real food, no junk like hidden processed sugars or weird sounding unhealthy preservatives and additives.



Our smoothies, juices and bowls are designed to give you a healthy sustained release of energy, to keep you going through the day through CLEAN nutrition.

Other typical iced beverages are likely to have heaping loads of hidden processed sugars that contribute to weight gain and energy crashing.


Healthy Life

Our juices, smoothies and foods are made with high quality, life enhancing nutrients and purpose-filled ingredients, designed to meet and surpass the daily requirements for “five a day” recommended servings of fruit & vegetables.

Our salads and hot dishes have been designed for the calorie conscious - to give you the protein and nutrients you need while omitting the bad, giving you that flexibility in your diet.


Super Nutrition


Everyone knows that Vegetables and Fruits are good for you. We all know our bodies thrive on the amazing nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and all the other good stuff these superfoods provide, but how many of us take the steps to consume these amazing almost magical like delicacies on a regular basis?

We know it’s not easy, healthy food is not easy to find. When you do find it, it’s not cheap.

At HAAKON, our mission is to provide great tasting, healthy food, without the unreasonable price tag.

Reasonably priced, nutrient rich, accessible food. Perfect for your daily ritual.